Georgia Express FC

GXFC Coaches


Georgia Express FC coaches and trainers impact the lives of the boys and girls who play for GXFC. Our coaches recognize their place as role models to their players as well as strive to provide the best technical direction to develop players while keeping soccer fun. Each coach and trainer commits to these goals and guidelines .

I Will:

> Show good sportsmanship in dealing with all players, competitors, parents, and soccer officials.
> Not discriminate against anyone.
> Focus coaching effort primarily on individual personal development at all times.
> Plan and direct practice sessions that are fun, challenging, organized, and fun.
> Develop my players to the best of their abilities.
> Instill technical excellence in every player.
> Refrain from instructing a player who is on the ball during scrimmages or games.
> Motivate and teach players with positive reinforcement and language.
> Refrain from making negative comments to any players, coaches, or parents
> Focus on soccer skills and teamwork rather than results.
> Abide by the rules, policies, and procedures of Georgia Express FC.
> Provide a qualified evaluation of each player’s skill and effort
> Refrain from using profane, vulgar, or insulting language in the presence of players.
> Work effectively with other coaches at GXFC
> Never forget that I represent the players, parents, and others at Georgia Express FC