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Rec Program


Registration is ongoing for U6-U14 programs. Register today to reserve your spot! Registration now includes a new uniform for this year.

Also, the child of all volunteer Head Coaches will receive a $75-100 discount, depending on the age of the team. Players may attend a free Advanced Skills Clinic to kick-off the year as well. Read below to find out more details.

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Premium Rec Program Details

Here are the quick facts.

• Teams practice a minimum of 90 minutes a week (U6 is 60 minutes only), with training beginning the week of August 27.
• Practices are at Shakerag and other Johns Creek area fields.
• Games are played on Saturday’s against Georgia Express teams, as well as those from other GA Soccer clubs. Games will be from September 8-the middle of November.
• Volunteer Head Coaches will receive a $75-100 discount, depending on the age of the team.
• All players may attend a free Advanced Skills Clinic to kick-off the year.
• No tryouts or evaluations for our Premium Rec teams; you may play with friends and former teammates if you like.

Player eligibility is based on date of birth of players.
U14: 8/1/98 – 7/31/00
U12: 8/1/00 – 7/31/02
U10: 8/1/02 – 7/31/04
U8: 8/1/04 – 7/31/06
U6: 8/1/06 – 7/31/08

Just completing our fifth season, our U8 Pre-Academy program is unrivaled for the value and preparation our players receive. 1st and 2nd graders find our program to be the very best start for those players who want more at an early age. Click on U8 Pre-Academy to find out if this is the best program for your player.

Our U6 program is unique. It is our only co-ed program, and the focus of the program is on having fun, being active, and providing an introduction to the basic skills of soccer. Players have one practice each week and one game each weekend. The practice sessions will be a mix of different skill stations, including dribbling, shooting, and passing work.

Registration Timeline

Registration is open through August 20, 2012.

Click on Online Registration (New Players) to register today.

Premium Rec Costs

Our standard pricing includes a new uniform.

U14-U10: $165 (includes one 90-minute practice per week led by your volunteer coach)
U8 Rec: $145 (includes one 90-minute practice per week led by your team’s volunteer coach)
U6: $115
U8 Pre-Academy: $260 (includes uniform, two 90-minute practices per week)

U14-U8 Advanced Training: look for signup for Advanced Training after registration is complete.

Practices will begin the week of August 20 through the middle of November.


Games primarily be played on Saturdays, although we may have a Sunday game or two. Georgia Express will play other Georgia Express teams, as well as those from other area clubs. Games begin September 8 through the middle of November.

Trainers and Coaches

Volunteer coaches play a significant part in our Premium Rec program. Coaches receive GA Soccer training and certification. We also will make additionally training available for our coaches at Georgia Express. If you are interested in becoming a Head Coach or Assistant Coach, please note this at registration.

Please email Coach Craig at for any questions regarding the Georgia Express Premium Rec Program.

Premium Rec Overview
When Georgia Express was launched in June 2008, we created the Premium Rec model in soccer. After benchmarking area clubs Rec and Select models, we felt that adding professional training for all players would improve the play of everyone in the program. We are more convinced than ever that this is the case.
As we continue to grow, we feel the need to have our additional training as an optional component for players. The reasons for this include cost as well as to help those families who struggle to make two practices work.

Our standard model of Rec soccer from U8-U14 will be for one 90-minute practice led by a volunteer coach. Most other Rec soccer programs have practices lasting an hour, and we feel that 90 minutes provides the coach with more time to provide technical training as well as work on game situations and scrimmaging.

We also will continue our Premium Rec model and have a second 90-minute practice led by one of our professional trainers (D License or above). After eight seasons using this model at Georgia Express, we can guarantee that your player will improve significantly after a season of this training. We encourage everyone to participate in the extra training session but realize that this may not be ideal for everyone.

There are no tryouts for our Rec teams, and we encourage all players to join us. The practices are more organized and serious than you may find at other clubs, and we feel this is the best way to foster a love of soccer as players grow through their Elementary and Middle School years.