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The Wall Pass


Soccer is a game that ultimately comes down to hundreds of challenges during each game. A player has possession of the ball and must move it toward the goal while maintaining possession. Giving the ball up then quickly running into space is one of the simplest ways to stay on the attack and safely keep possession. Also called the give and go, the Wall Pass should be a staple in the arsenal of every youth soccer player.

The wall pass is used in a 2v2 situation. The situation to use the Wall Pass arises when a first defender approaches the offensive player with the ball. Just before the first defender comes into range, the passer plays a pass to a teammate. In the same motion ideally, he/she runs past the first defender into an open space.

The first pass often draws the first defender toward the teammate receiving the ball, opening up space for the passer to exploit. It is important for the teammate to quickly receive the ball then pass it at an angle, leading the first passer so that he/she runs onto the ball at pace.

Here is a great example from Euro 2008, two Wall Passes in succession from Germany that leads to a cross and a great finish for a goal.

Two players can practice the Wall Pass, or a parent with a player. Master this skill, and the field will open up before your eyes.