Georgia Express FC

Shawn Sexton Honored by Club


Shawn Sexton was recognized during the Atlanta Showdown tournament for his contributions to Georgia Express and to the special life he continues to lead.

The Sexton Family have been integral to building Georgia Express.  John came to our U12 & U13 Boys teams, quickly becoming a key part of our team.  Shawn served as the Team Manager, as well as led the development of using Shutterfly as our Team website service.  Kathy's photography skills quickly drew the attention of parents, and they served as the club's Photographers for several seasons. 

John's interests are varied, including basketball and an advanced pianist.  John left soccer behind in the Fall 2014, and we occasionally would connect with the Sextons.  The summer of 2014 brought the ALS Ice Bucket challenge, sweeping Facebook with videos and challenges around the world.  A year ago, this fun fundraiser hit home as we learned that Shawn Sexton was diagnosed with ALS. 

Each day brings challenges and struggles for Shawn, Kathy, and John.  As we head into the holiday season, Shawn's words in this Fall are a shining example of how precious each day is, how special the hugs of our sons and daughters are.

So I am working on simplicity – breathe, eat, move, be patient, think about how things can be made easier for Kathy and John and try to make it happen. Humility is more of a challenge. While it is very humbling to have someone dress you in the morning, being humbled is not the same as being humble. My main challenge is to provide my opinion and then accept that those trying to help me may have their own way which may work better for them and ultimately better for me. Living with simplicity and humility…a timely challenge.