Georgia Express FC

Thank You from Coach Paul

U10G UFA Champs

In May 2015, Coach Paul Campbell had a major healthscare which required two operations and a long recovery.  Georgia Express families raised over $2,000 to assist with his medical expenses.  Below is a letter to the club from Coach Paul.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my GXFC family for their support.  It's been almost six months since I took sick and was hospitalized.  I don't want to be too overdramatic, but my life as I knew it ended and I was given a new lease on life.  I honestly do not know what the Lord has in store for me, but whatever that ma be I know that my first experience was love, support, and charity from my GXFC family.

I never felt alone, and myself and Coach Bryan never ate better in our lives!  The GoFundMe account allowed me to pay some bills and relieve the stress that would be associated with losing my job at Uhlsport and not being able to coach during my recovery period.

As I continue on my new journey, I am trying to take it easy but with a continued focus on bringing a positive soccer and live experience through my coaching at Georgia Express.  From the bottom of my newly beating heart (way too corny), I want to say thank you all and to Caoch Craig my sincere gratitude for all he continues to do.

Coach Paul