Georgia Express FC

FAST Training Available to Georgia Express

Chris Bettis at FAST has worked with Georgia Express players since 2011.  While we offer speed and agility programs at Shakerag throughout the year, the Fast Training/Athletic Development programs are for those players who are looking for a more intense athletic and speed improvement.  In 2014, FAST moved into a brand new 5,500 indoor facility and 6,000 outdoor space located at 105 Satellite Blvd, Suwanee GA 30024.

One of the features of their program is the comprehensive FAST Evaluation. See the video above for an example of the completed evaluation for one of our players.

The FAST Athlete Evaluation program takes each player through a series of speed, power, strength and quickness drills. These drills allow FAST to create a baseline score for each athlete. Baseline scores are then used to monitor progress in vital areas that each player needs for their respective sport. In addition to the baseline your athlete will be placed on a high speed video camera so we can breakdown and diagnose running form errors. Once these errors are spotted and diagnosed FAST can come up with a complete comprehensive training program to ensure the greatest performance gains in the shortest amount of time. 

Is your athlete striking the ground properly? Are their arms generating maximum propulsion? Is their body aligned the right way?  FAST can find and fix these issues so your athlete can be as effective as possible on the field. 

Cost for the FAST Evaluation is $65 for FAST Non-Clients, $40 FAST Clients.  Their ADP program (athlete development program = speed / agility) is held 5 times per week. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday @ 6pm (ages 6 – 11) and 7pm (ages 12+) and Sundays @ 12pm (ages 6 – 11) and 1pm (ages 12+). Cost starts at $80 per month.  Be sure to mention Georgia Express when you register.