Georgia Express FC

Picture Day October 25-26


Sports Image Photography will be at Shakerag October 25-26 for Picture Day.  See draft schedule below (confirm with your coach prior to the date).  For Academy teams playing multiple games, please use the time for ALL players to attend.

There are 3 ways to order pictures:

  1.  You may prepay by ordering online by clicking here        Enter password:  georgiaexpressfall2014                                      
  2.  Print out the Sports Image Picture Day order form (click here to download)
  3.  Order on picture day (please arrive 15 minutes prior to scheduled picture time to fill out paperwork)



Picture Day Schedule

25-OctGeorgia Express FC 00-B15 (Judd)12:00SUN 2:00
25-OctGeorgia Express FC 01-B14 (Paul)9:00SAT 1:30
25-OctGeorgia Express FC 01-B13 (Daniel)9:00SAT 2:00
25-OctGeorgia Express FC 01-G13 (Craig)8:45SAT 10:30
25-OctGXFC 03-G12 Jamaica (Paul)12:00SAT 11:15
25-OctGXFC 04-G11 Black (Jamie)1:30SAT 1:15
25-OctGXFC 05-G10 Black (Jamie)10:30SAT 11:45
25-OctGXFC 05-G10 White (Jamie)12:00
25-OctGXFC 06-G9 Black (Jamie)9:00SAT 10:15
25-OctGXFC 02-B12 Black (Daniel)
25-OctGXFC 02-B12 White (Daniel)3:00SAT 2:15 OR SUN 4:45
25-OctGXFC 03-B11 Black (Craig)12:00SAT 1:15
25-OctGXFC 03-B11 White (Craig/Paul)1:30
25-OctGXFC 03-B11 White (Paul)3:00
25-OctGXFC 04-B10 Black (Chris)12:00SAT 11:15 OR 1:15
25-OctGXFC 04-B10 White (Chris)1:30
25-OctGXFC 05-B9 Black (Judd)3:00SAT 4:15
25-OctGXFC 05-B9 White (Judd)4:30
25-OctGXFC U16 Boys Duff (Tim)7:00SAT 12:30 OR SUN 3:30
25-OctGXFC U14 Girls Duff (Tim)9:00SAT 12:00
25-OctGXFC U14 Boys1:00SAT 11:30
25-OctGXFC U12 Boys MilanSAT 9:30
25-OctGXFC U12 Boys Inter (Ghassan)10:30SAT 9:45
25-OctGXFC U12 Girls Durkin (Ralph)4:30SAT 3:45
25-OctGXFC U10 Boys Ye9:00SAT 10:15
25-OctGXFC U10 Girls Durkin (Ralph)9:00 & 12:00 PMSAT 3:30
25-OctGXFC U8 Boys Homer (Chris)SAT 10:00
25-OctGXFC U8B PumasSAT 10:45
25-OctGXFC U8B Tigers9:00SAT 10:15
25-OctGXFC U8B Lions10:15SAT 9:45
25-OctGXFC U8B Cheetahs11:30SAT 10:45
25-OctGXFC U8 Girls Andy4:30SAT 3:45
25-OctGXFC U8 Girls Brian4:30SAT 3:45
25-OctGXFC U8 Girls Abby2:30SAT 1:00
25-OctGXFC U6 (Abby/Joe)1:30SAT 2:45
25-OctGXFC U4 (Joe/Ghassan)12:00SAT 1:15