Georgia Express FC

GXFC Hosts U8 Jamboree and 4v4 Day


Georgia Express is proud to host our 4th U8 Jamboree and 4v4 Day on October 11.  We'll have a great day hosting U8 teams from around Atlanta.  Our U9-U13 Academy & Athena teams will be involved in 4v4 games throughout the day, honing their ballskills for the second half of the Fall season.

U8 Jamboree Schedule

11-OctInter Atlanta FC RapidsMAYS Buckhead WhiteSHAK 3B9:00
11-OctDekalb United U8BMAYS Buckhead BlueSHAK 4A9:00
11-OctInter Atlanta FC GalaxyUFA U8B SHAK 4B10:30
11-OctInter Atlanta FC HurricanesMAYS Cobb BlueSHAK 3B10:30
11-OctGXFC U8G Pre-AcademyLSA U8G GoldSHAK 4A10:30
11-OctInter Atlanta FC CrewGXFC U8B Pre-AcademySHAK 3B12:00
11-OctDekalb United U8BInter Atlanta FC GalaxySHAK 4A12:00
11-OctUFA U8B MAYS Buckhead BlueSHAK 4B12:00
11-OctInter Atlanta FC HurricanesGXFC U8B Pre-AcademySHAK 3B1:30
11-OctGXFC U8B LionsMAYS Cobb WhiteSHAK 4A1:30
11-OctInter Atlanta FC BluesMAYS Buckhead GreenSHAK 4B1:30
11-OctInter Atlanta FC RapidsMAYS Cobb BlueSHAK 4A3:00
11-OctInter Atlanta FC CrewMAYS Buckhead WhiteSHAK 4B3:00
11-OctGXFC U8B LionsMAYS Buckhead GreenSHAK 4A4:30
11-OctInter Atlanta FC BluesMAYS Cobb WhiteSHAK 4B4:30
11-OctGXFC U11/U9 GirlsJamieSHAK 2A10:30
11-OctGXFC U10/U9 BoysJudd/ChrisSHAK 2A12:00
11-OctGXFC U8 GirlsAbbySHAK 51:30
11-OctGXFC U13/U12 GirlsPaulSHAK 2A2:00
11-OctGXFC U8 BoysJoeSHAK 2A3:00
11-OctGXFC U12/U11 BoysDaniel/PaulSHAK 2A4:00