Georgia Express FC

The Tap Tap


The Tap-Tap learned in the Fundamentals Minicamp is a great way to quicken your footwork on the ball. It may seem like a simple drill, but it can wear your legs out in the process.

Coach David’s instructions: “With the ball between your feet, quickly tap-tap-tap the ball with the inside of your feet, dribbling forward. After fifteen-twenty feet, turn around and go backwards with the tap-tap-tap of the ball for another fifteen-twenty minutes. Do this ten times each day, and you’ll have great control of the ball.”

Once you’ve done this several days, you can add a few twists to the drill. First, try to look forward as you tap-tap-tap rather than looking down at the ball. The more you can look up, the more dangerous you are on the ball. Next dribble around for twenty feet, tap-tap-tap for ten feet, then explode past your defender with a big acceleration. This is a great way to freeze your defender during a game.

Tap-Tap sounds so simple, but it should be a core dribbling technique of every great player.