Georgia Express FC

What Makes Georgia Express Unique?

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Celebrating our 7th year, Georgia Express has thrived as a small club among the giants of the greater North Atlanta area. Why would anyone move from the security of a large club? Here are five things to consider.

1. Accelerated Development for All Your son or daughter is not just a number or another body at Georgia Express. We take great pride in the development of each and every player that comes to us each year. Tryouts are a starting point for your player, not the goal. It is our job for them to develop to their potential over the year, only with the assistance of committed parents and the conviction of the player. We do this through a variety of approaches, including having multiple trainers working with players throughout the year.

2. Academy Player Pool Rather than select A/B/C teams at tryouts, Georgia Express creates player pools at each Academy age group when we have more than one team. Training sessions consist of a variety of formats, with some activities conducted together while others have skill-level groupings. Game-day rosters are based on previous performance in training and games, as well as providing more playing time for all players. For example, a player who may be a substitute for our 1st team may start in a game with our 2nd team, or a player who regularly plays in goal may receive additional playing time in the field. Sixteen of our U9B players had the opportunity to play with our U9B Black 1st team, and fifteen of our U10B’s did the same with our U10B Black 1st team. Players also regularly play up for games to provide advanced development opportunities.

3. You Aren't a Number We work hard to reach each of our players, regardless of their skill level or their athleticism.  Our players attend some of the best schools in Georgia, and we hope that Georgia Express provides a source of enrichment their Elementary and Middle School experience.

4. U8 Pre-Academy One of the main reasons we are able to have advanced development beyond our numbers is our strong U8 Pre-Academy program. Georgia Express is a leader in the state in U8 development. We have a definite point of view in how to teach fundamentals at this age. We work with partner clubs to schedule games that are competitive for our boys and girls.

5. Trainers coach games We are very sensitive to substitute coaches on game days. It is something we work hard to avoid, even though we have many parents with strong coaching backgrounds who can ably fill in. Why do we always want a licensed trainer coaching games? This is the club’s commitment to you as parents. Some clubs have trainers only with the top teams, with more developmental teams left to fend for themselves. We feel all players and teams are equally important? Do we always get this right? No, definitely not. Sometimes, scheduling conflicts are unavoidable. It is a definite goal of our club to have our trainers with teams for each game.