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    Refund Policy

    Georgia Express FC has a no-refund policy for fees and uniforms. Click here for the official...

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    Freestyle at its Best

    Check out Chelsea Skill Skool and the world's greatest freestyler--you won't want to miss her!

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    The Wall Pass

    Also called the give and go, the Wall Pass should be a staple in the arsenal of...

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    Mastering the ball can only be done with the ball at your feet. Futsal is one...

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    Alex Morgan Workout

    US Women National Team star Alex Morgan gets her yoga on!

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    Cristiano Ronaldo–Watch and Learn

    The Manchester United and Portugal star has long been known for his footwork. How did the...

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    The Platini

    Named after the great French player Michel Platini, this fake pass dribble should be a standard in...

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    Field Directions

    Shakerag Elementary field is located at 10885 Rogers Circle, Duluth, GA 30097.

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    Hydration is More than Thirst

    Play soccer, get thirsty, drink water. Hydration is much more than that, a critical part of...